Dolphins Ready to Throw Tons of Money at Jeff Fisher

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The Miami Dolphins are ready to go all in on hiring former Titans coach Jeff Fisher. However, he has attracted the interest of other teams searching for a coach, including the St. Louis Rams and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Fins owner Stephen Ross is ready to outbid any team for Fisher's services. That doesn't, however, mean that landing Fisher is a sure thing.

"Ross has the deep pockets necessary to pay what he must to hire Fisher, and he apparently does not want to be seen as incapable of landing the most prized coach on the market -- at least not as a result of being outbid," the Miami Herald's Armando Salguero reports.

Let us pause for a moment to realize how sad it is that Fisher, who had a solid but not spectacular 16 years with the Titans/Oilers, is actually the most-prized coach on the market.

Yahoo! Sports also reports that Fisher was impressed by Ross's five-star treatment, which included a helicopter ride and a stone crab dinner.

But Fisher is reportedly concerned about the "structure" of the Dolphins. Several reports and rumors indicate that Ross is ready to hand over front-office control to former Chiefs GM Carl Peterson. We're not sure how that would square with Fisher, or any other big-name coach for that matter.

Other reports indicate Fisher would much rather land at a team with a better QB situation, and, well, that's just about any other team in the NFL.

Still, money talks, and if Fisher wants to speak that language, he'll definitely pick up Ross's next phone call.

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Kyle, do you really think Miami's QB situation is that bad? Worse than any other NFL team? You have to be kidding. It obviously is not the best, but look at the QBR for the end of the year. Moore was better than half of the other qb's and he did not have a full year. He is not Miami's long term answer, but he is certainly not that bad. Now apologize to Dolphin Nation.


The QB situation in Miami has been horrible since Marino left.   Think of the long list of jokers, if you can even remember their names.  The Packers have 3 QBs better than the Dolphins #1.  

Now apologize to Kyle!

Neil's ghost
Neil's ghost

How do we get rid of Ross? Can someone dig up Joe Robbie and put him in the boss' office? Can't do no worse and smells better too.

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