Don't Set Up a Growhouse Next Door to a School Like These Three Kendall Men

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If you're going to take the risk of setting up an illegal marijuana growhouse, it's best to take just the littlest bit of caution and make sure that growhouse isn't directly next door to a school where kids as young as kindergarteners study.

Three Miami men weren't so smart and set up shop right across the street from Winston Park K-8 Center in Kendall. They now face more serious charges for operating so close to a school.

Miami-Dade Police located the growhouse at Southwest 79th Street and 132nd Avenue. It's located literally across the street from the school.

Winston Park K-8 Center was placed on a temporary lockdown when police raided the growhouse.

Miguel Baquero, 43, Hector Lleo, 43, and Dagoberto Fernandez, 41, all now face charges according to CBS Miami. But because they were operating within 1,000 feet of a school they now could face more serious consequences.

Miguel Baquero, Hector Lleo, and Dagoberto Fernandez
Lleo and Fernandez are charged with possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute within 1,000 feet of a school in addition to possession of marijuana.

Baquero faces those same charges in addition to charges related to using a rental property as a growhouse.

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Yea, the homeowner who rented the house to these idiots knew for sure. But when questioned I'm sure they will say they had noooooo idea, and the rent was always on time. Peeps will do anything for a buck and not get foreclosed on, the fact it was by a school means nothing.


i wonder who really owned the operation. something tells me it wasn't any of these three...

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