Florida Prisoner Whose Penis Was Amputated Gets Billed by the State for Medical Expenses

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A Floridian convicted of drunk driving already had his penis amputated during a three-year prison stay. Now the state wants him to pay more than $50,000 for the experience.

Last week, we brought you the sorry saga of a man we named Hank, who endured several allegedly botched surgeries while in the care of the Florida Department of Corrections (FDOC). Now the FDOC has filed a counterclaim, demanding $50 for every day of his sentence plus medical expenses. Reminder: For getting his penis cut off.

Hank ended up serving about two and a half years of his sentence. But according to Florida law, prisoners can be billed for every day of their sentence, no matter how much time they served.

So that part of Hank's bill, according to the FDOC, comes to "$54,750.00 in incarceration and correctional costs."

The claim also adds that Hank "incurred substantial medical expenses while incarcerated for which he never reimbursed the FDOC."

Which is legalese for: "His dick got chopped off and that shit ain't free." Or more to the point: "Drop that suit about your dick getting chopped off and we'll forget about that money you owe us for the dick-chopping."

Hank wasn't at home when we called, but his sister was. She hadn't heard about this counterclaim. Her reaction: "What!? Oh, Lord! You've got to be kidding me."

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Secret Squirrel
Secret Squirrel

I wonder if this experience will be enough to discourage old "Hank" from driving under the influence?


So Gus, you now allege that the FDOC is trying to obtain by threat a settlement in a case that has not yet even begun to play out?  Do they know that you are so hubris?  Does your boss know about your reckless allegations?  You can answer me here so we all have an idea where your twisted little mind is coming from because this banter has now entered the absurd!


About time these prisoners pay for their medical procedures rather than the average LAW ABIDING hard working tax payer.


When all is said and done, the truth will come out.  This is nothing but a witch hunt.  How I miss those wonderful times in Salem, Mass.  The road ahead will be full of litigation.  You should let sleeping dogs lie.  The man (Dr. Perito) does not deserve this persecution.

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