Funeral Home Employee Arrested for Stealing Cash From Dead Man

Categories: Crime
Being dead is no excuse for making sure you're not scammed by one of South Florida's shady characters. Not even death can protect you from grand theft.

Miami resident Armando Sardina, 56, sits behind bars after stealing hundreds of dollars from the home of a dead man. Sardina had been employed by a body-removal service and was removing the man's corpse from his home when he swiped the cash.

Sardina was at the Tamarac home of 53-year-old Michael Bressler, who had recently died of natural causes, according to WPFB, to transport the body to the Star of David funeral home.

However, the grieving family soon realized the body wasn't all that was removed. A total of $327 was missing from a bank bag stored in the master bedroom.

The deceased man's brother-in-law confronted Sardina about it and called the Broward Sheriff's Office. Sardina gave deputies permission to search his van, and they found the money stuffed between seat cushions. Sardina was arrested on charges of grand theft.

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Alicia Carnevale
Alicia Carnevale

People like this give a bad name to a caring service industry.


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