LeBron James' Top Five Favorite Dunks of All Time (Video)

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We might have been a bit hyperbolic in calling LeBron James' crazy over-the-head-of-an-opponent drunk the "most awesome dunk ever." Sure, it was awesome, but it's not even LeBron James' favorite dunk of his career. He told ESPN's Brian Windhorst his favorite five dunks. Here's video of each.

This one is a little difficult to watch considering it was against the Miami Heat. Back with the Cavs in 2005 he didn't let the Heat's Damon Jones (who?) get in the way of the rim.

This dunk from the 2008 playoffs is known as the "no regard for human life" dunk.

Here's the previously mentioned dunk from this past Sunday.

Back in his high school days, James' talent was so far above anyone else on the floor that he was able to pull of stunts like this under-the-legs dunk.

And here's apparently LeBron's favorite dunk of all time. This one took place in the first round of the 2008 playoffs against the Washington Wizards. He manages to get control of way-too-high alley-oop and puts it through the rim like a monster.

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