LeBron James Makes Most Awesome Dunk Ever After Biking to Work

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We're not going to say that bicyclists are better than everyone. We're just going to tell you that LeBron James rode his bicycle to work yesterday and then made one of the most awesome slam dunks in NBA history by literally jumping over an opponent. We're going to let you make up you own mind over whether using green transportation gives you super secret special awesome powers. We report. You decide.

First, here is photographic evidence, courtesy of @TedHill's Twitter, of Mr. James biking to work this morning (in head-to-toe Lycra). He apparently took his bike from his Coconut Grove mansion all the way up Biscayne Boulevard to the American Airlines Arena.

After arriving at the AAA courtesy of his two wheels, LeBron traded out his Lycra for a nylon jersey and proceeded to take on the Bulls of Chicago.

Then during the first quarter he proceeded to jump directly over the Bulls' 5'11" point guard John Lucas and scored an alley-oop dunk with the assist from Dwyane Wade. Yes, the elusive jump-over-your-opponent-one-handed dunk. It's also known as the most awesome dunk ever.

Sure, there is no scientific evidence that we can point to that shows that bicyclists are better than everyone, we are just merely presenting you with this compelling circumstantial evidence.

The Heat went on to beat the Bulls, 97-93.

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Thomas Gerlach
Thomas Gerlach

Maybe there is still hope for "Lycra" and "Biking" being cool. We just need a few more role models to bike to work now and the world will be a much better place. Thomas GerlachProfessional Triathletewww.thomasgerlach.co...


How did ride his bike home after the game?


Illusive is a legitimate word, meaning "based on or having the nature of an illusion."

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