Luis Posada Carriles Could Be Extradited to Panama for Allegedly Plotting to Kill Fidel

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Luis Posada Carriles
Former CIA agent Luis Posada Carriles may have beaten charges in Texas last year, but the aging anti-communist operative ain't in the clear just yet.

A Panamanian lawyer requested his extradition today on charges that he plotted to kill then-Cuban president Fidel Castro while in Panama back in 2000.

Carriles was controversially pardoned in 2004 by Panamanian president Mireya Moscoso. Bizarrely, Moscoso met with Carriles this week in Miami just as a Panama court upheld the sentence against the Cuban.

Posada Carriles was acquitted of perjury and immigration charges last year in Texas. Documents released during the trial show that he earned $300 a month from the CIA even as he fooled agents into thinking that he was under their control. In reality, he was plotting his own operations anti-Castro operations.

Before working for the CIA, Posada Carriles participated in the Bay of Pigs invasion, was an officer in the US Army, and moved to Venezuela in 1976 to head American intelligence in the country. He was arrested the same year and accused of masterminding an attack on a Cuban airliner that killed 76 people, but escaped before going on trial.

He was arrested again in 2001 in Panama for planning to kill Fidel Castro with 200 pounds of dynamite and C-4 explosives. He was convicted in 2004 but pardoned by Moscoso. Posada Carriles then made his way to the U.S.

But critics argue that Moscoso's pardon was unconstitutional. The conviction was upheld on Saturday, and today lawyer Julio Berrio petitioned the Panamanian government to request Posada Carriles's extradition from the U.S.

Meanwhile, Moscoso appeared on television on Tuesday and admitted that she met with the accused terrorist days before in Miami. "I am proud that I let them out of jail," she said.

"I haven't reached the end of the road; the nature of the struggle has changed, but it is still the same," Posada Carriles said after his acquittal in Texas last year.

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Until 9/11, the bombing of Cubana Flight 455 and a spate of other bombings, including those of the BWIA office in Barbados and the Guyanese Embassy in Trinidad were the worst terrorist attacks in the Western hemisphere.  After 9/11, the U.N. Security Council, at the request of the U.S. government, adopted Resolution 1373 on Sept. 28, 2001 that makes it mandatory for every government in the world to oppose any form of cooperation with all terrorists — no matter what they did or where. No protection. No refuge. Nothing. The UN Security Council established a permanent committee to implement that resolution. The USA is obliged to expel Posada to another country, yet the USA is violating the resolution and harbouring the terrorist Posada Carriles !!


He was found not guilty by a jury! Deal with it scumbag!! lol

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