Man Wears Shirt With Crack Cocaine Cooking Instructions to Court

Categories: Crime
via Local 10
A man facing charges of drug trafficking showed up at a Broward County courtroom wearing a shirt with a very detailed pattern displaying instructions on the proper cooking method of crack cocaine. Ooh la-la! Très chic! Honey, is that crack jacket Jeremy Scott?

"I realized the gentleman who was up at the podium in front of a judge charged with trafficking is wearing a jacket with a how-to manual of how to cook crack cocaine," Michael Weinstein, the attorney who supplied the photo to Local 10, told the station. "I couldn't believe the gumption this person had."

Well, Weinstien, gumption is in this season. Haven't you heard?

Apparently the judge didn't mention the shirt during the hearing.

Local 10 hasn't been able to identify the man, which is a shame. We really want to know where he got that shirt. We have jury duty this week and a lot of hipster parties to go this weekend where the dress code is strictly ironic tees, and frankly we think we'd look appropriately ravishing in that garb at both.

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I actually would've thought that channel 7 would be the one to supply the photo... and to be all over this! I guess they're slipping! Lol


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