Miami Beach Boutique The Webster Going National With Target Partnership

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Back in 2010, we dubbed The Webster the "best place to shop like there's no recession," but now the pricey Miami Beach boutique has partnered with a far more recession-friendly shopping destination: Target. Soon the place that sells, uh, whatever the hell this is for $9,000 will be opening limited-run mini-boutiques in Target stores across America.

Target has long been known for partnering with up-and-coming fashion designers for limited edition lines, but is taking its high-meet-low collaborations a step further by testing an idea of opening "mini-stores" in several of its locations. The news first surfaced when Target announced it would open Apple mini-stores in 25 locations, but now The New York Times reports the "Shops at Target" idea will include other brands beside Apple.

The Webster has been announced as one of five other small, locally-based stores to take part in the project. The Webster, owned and operated by fashion-industry veterans Laure Heriard Dubreuil and Milan Vukmirovic will create affordable designer goods for Target. The two discuss the partnership in the video below.

The project begins in May, and there's no word on whether any local Targets will include the "Shops at Target" concept, but the Webster-designed goods should be available online. Hopefully they don't sell out as fast as the Missoni for Target line did.

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They ask for your zip code to provide ones that match the products in your local Target and Printapons and other online sources. Be sure to check out the websites of your favorite products often has coupons


Will be very interested to see how this actually plays out in-store. 

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