Miami Beach Named One of America's Most "Lesbianish" Cities

There's no shortage of lists purporting to rank America's gayest cities, but those often come from a gay male point of view. And those lists tend to leave both lesbians and Miami in the cold. For example, a recent Advocate list somehow concluded that Orlando is gayer than Miami.

Thankfully, a new list by (and reprinted on Jezebel) has restored Miami's Kinsey scale pride by listing us as one of the most "lesbianish" cities in America.

Sure, we barely made the list. Miami, with an emphasis on South Beach, came in 20th out of 21, but we'll take what we can get.

Autostraddle, one of the web's most popular lesbian sites (you know, of the non "lesbian" porn geared to straight guys variety) used a variety of criteria including its own membership data, gay-friendly colleges, the number of feminist bookstores, lesbian nightclub parties, Tegan & Sara concerts, and the local political climate.

"Miami is home to one of the country's most successful lesbian event-planning companies, Pandora Events (responsible for Orlando's Girls in Wonderland and Las Vegas's Shedonism, among others) as well as the awesome non-profit Aqua Foundation for Women," says the site. "South Beach hosts lots of LGBT parties, including (obviously) Pride, The Women's Winter Party and Aquagirl. Also, South Beach supports its own lesbian glossy, She Magazine."

So, sure, maybe all the gay guys have gravitated towards Wilton Manors in recent years, but South Beach apparently remains pretty lesbian heavy.

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