Miami New Times Ranks Miami's Political Bloggers: Honorable Mentions

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Miami New Times cover story is going to be a doozy as we dive into the lives of Miami's most hated bloggers -- by the local political establishment, that is. These digital gadflies are filling the civic investigative void created by the cuts at The Miami Herald and other local media outlets. You'll find out that some of them have had a few run-ins with the law, while others are richer than some of the very politicians and public officials they harass. Tomorrow, you can read our full feature on Miami's top ten political bloggers.

But first, we wanted to recognize ten other blogs that deserve honorable mention for the public service they provide. While they don't aggressively confront subjects like our top ten picks, these bloggers still make time to criticize boneheaded decisions by local government and shine a light on the ugly side of political candidates.

Bark Bark Woof Woof
Started in 2003 by a moderate-to-liberal gay man with a background in theater, Bark Bark Woof Woof puts a farcical spin on right-wing conservative values and candidates. The author operates under the nom de plume "Mustang Bobby" and calls the bullshit streaming out of GOP presidential contenders.

Beached Miami
Launched in 2010 by former Miami SunPost reporter and freelance journalist Jordan Melnick, this is one of the leading local blogs on cultural criticism. Melnick has criticized the decision to rename the Miami Art Museum after real estate developer Jorge Perez, and Malaysian company Genting's plan for a megacasino.

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