Miami's Nude Beach: They Take It All Off

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Finally, a history of Miami's nude beach at the north end of Haulover Park, which is the most popular in the nation. These guys -- and gals -- take it all off.

The beach has been around for about a decade. I decided to shoot a video of it after founder Richard Mason called to complain when we named it one of the best places to have covert sex. There are three sections of the beach: the gay part, the swinger area, and the just plain folks place on the south end.

When I was there, a volleyball game was underway, and most everything was good clean fun. Without further ado, listen to the founders talk about the place they go when it's warm.

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Haulover Beach Park Marina

10800 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL

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I visit 4 times a year from the frigid northeast, stay in your hotels and eat in your restaurants.  Hope for both of us that you keep it


If you make their lifeguards too jealous, they'll kick you off and worse.  I think it should be shut down.  Floridians would have a heart attack knowing what you see there, since Florida is so conservative.  Mason is a lucky bastard to have gotten that secluded spot legalized for him and his African American wife.  The swingers and gays there are too much.  Count me as one of the regular folks.

I Was There!
I Was There!

I have been in Miami since 1968 and remember there almost always being a nude part to haulover. However, we preferred the part we called fallover, where a beer and a 'lude were the only thing we would wear.


Christ people, get over it, we were all born this way.

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