Miguel Diaz de la Portilla Paves The Way For County Commissioners

Miguel Diaz de la Portilla
​Even the simple act of hiring a company to lay down asphalt can turn political.

Today, Miami-Dade County commissioners are supposed to vote on giving a $1 million contract to General Asphalt Inc., to resurface roads. The company won the deal after its competitor, H & J Paving, was disqualified by the county attorney's office because it failed to include a form showing whatever work it performed would be insured. The firm had offered to do the job for $60,000 less than General Asphalt.

But even though H & J Paving didn't follow the rules, the company had its lobbyist and state Sen. Miguel Diaz de la Portilla twist commissioners' arms to get the contract.

At a commission meeting this past Dec. 19, Diaz de la Portilla successfully argued that the county should not pass up the opportunity to go with H & J Paving because it would save taxpayers money. The state senator had an easy time convincing county commissioners because no one from General Asphalt was there to protest. But, commissioners first needed approval from the county attorney's office that it could lawfully reject General Asphalt's bid for H & J's offer.

They got it today. So even though Mayor Carlos Gimenez is recommending the contract go to General Asphalt, you can expect the county commission will instead go with Diaz de la Portilla's client.

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Frank.Why don't you report the State Attorney's corruption investigation going on in the City of Miami Beach concerning Commissioner Jonah Woflson?.




Poor Frank: A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. The bond FORM in question is a Bid Bond- not a Performance Bond. A Performance Bond insures that the work will be done: There were no issues with HJ Peerformance Bond. That bond will be executed at contract signing as required by law. The bond FORM in questionis a BID BOND, ir's a belt and suspenders bond that insures the bidder will hold it's price. HJ submitted its Bid Bond at the time of bid submittal, for the correct project, in the right amount. The surety just didn't use the exact form the county had in its packet. A waivable, nonmaterial irregularity which is by LAW, again, is WAIVABLE. Moreover, General was given 2 opportunities to match HJ's lower price, burt chose NOT to do so. Net result, Taxpayers save $60000. The right decision was made by the BCC. Frank, it seems you are so blinded by your hatred of the BCC and yours truly that you never let the facts get in the way of the story you want to write. Sincerely,MD de la Portilla

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