Newt Gingrich Wanted an Open Marriage, Claims His Ex-Wife

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It's a big day in the GOP primary. Rick Perry, once perceived as a conservative savior has dropped out after one of the most hilariously horribly run candidacies of all time. Meanwhile, Rick Santorum has been revealed as the real winner of the Iowa Caucus. And yet, probably the juiciest news comes from reports that Newt Gingrich's ex-wife will tells ABC News tonight that Gingrich wanted an "open marriage," which ... hahahahahahaha, what an asshole. 

Gingrich used to be married to Marianne Gingrich (the two met and started an affair while Gingrich was married to his first wife, who was suffering from cancer at the time). As the cover of this week's Us tells us, cheaters never really reform, and during his marriage to Marianne he began a six-year affair with a Capitol Hill staffer, Callista Bisek. She was 23 years his junior, and Gingrich kept up the affair while he was investigating the circumstances of President Clinton's oral affair with Monica Lewinsky.

Marianne found out, and she tells ABC News that Gingrich tried to save the marriage by suggesting an open marriage. From the LA Times:
"I said to him, 'We've been married a long time.' And he said, 'Yes, but you want me all to yourself,' " Marianne Gingrich told the network.

She said her husband responded that the other woman "doesn't care what I do."

"He was asking to have an open marriage and I refused," she said. "That is not a marriage."
We're not one to judge open marriages when both sides are in agreeance, but it sounds like Newt has a habit of carrying on open marriages anyway and not letting his better halves know until a few years later. 

Gingrich started divorce proceedings shortly after Marianne was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. He's now married to his then-side piece, Callista.

Of course, Gingrich is a vocal opponent of gay marriage and has called it an "aberration."

Meanwhile, on the other end of the tip, Rick Santorum is going around claiming that the only woman he's ever even sat on a couch with is his wife, which is just sad for completely different reasons. Santorum's idea of swinging is probably two couples getting together for board game night, and switching partners for Pictionary.  

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Dane Muhlig
Dane Muhlig

A Presidential Candidate talked against the "War on Religion" at a Debate!WHAT IN THE NAME OF STUPID IS THIS??The "War on religion" is this candidate COMMITTED ADULTERY ON HIS 1ST WIFE AND THEN DIVORCED HER!! Then he married his


of Representatives Staffer! Then he divorced his 2nd wife and married the StafferMistress as his 3rd wife!!!! THIS PERSON...THIS HYPOCRITE IS "THE WAR ON RELIGION."

Skeletons in the Closet...
Skeletons in the Closet...

Barack Obama has an open marriage with his wife, Michelle. He's bi-sexual. It was no secret in Chicago that he belonged to Jeremiah Wright's, "Man's Country" gay club. Three of Obama's gay lovers died within 1 1/2 months of each other in late 2007. Donald Young(openly gay choir director of Jeremiah Wright's, Trinity United Church) was murdered execution style(12/24/07) as was Larry Bland(11/17/07). The third lover, Nate Spencer died of pneumonia/AIDS(12/26/07). A fourth lover, Larry Sinclair was arrested by Joe Liberman's son(Attorney General of Maryland) as he left a news conference in Wash D.C.(the charges were dropped) When Sinclair attempted to publish a book about his affair with Obama, Obama's people sued the publisher, and Sinclair to block the book from coming out. This is all fact, it's been in the national realm since 2007 and the mainstream media won't publish it...

GOOGLE:Mom of Murdered Obama Gay Lover Speaks OutThe mainstream media is in Obama's(George Soros) pocket($$$)!!


Newt Gingrich must be brought down.  He is a joke candidate and should never be given the time of day.  It is pathetic (and, yes, funny) that this is what the Republicans have offer.


What woman could possibly be attracted to that fat, impotent, hypocritical, wind bag?Who are we talking about again? Newt or Rush Limpdick?Ah, what's the difference?


The party of 'family values'.  Stupid big headed pig.

Drake Mallard
Drake Mallard

Newt Gingrich’s campaign sought Friday to differentiate the former House speaker’s extramarital affair in the 1990s with that of Bill Clinton by noting that the former president committed perjury.

Drake Mallard
Drake Mallard

Newt Gingrich’s campaign sought Friday to differentiate the former House speaker’s extramarital affair in the 1990s with that of Bill Clinton by noting that the former president committed perjury.Read more:

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