Photos: Heat Bring Back "Floridians" Throwback Jerseys (with Afros)

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The Heat won't stop the little fact that they didn't become a franchise until the late '80s get in their way of having a little 1970's throwback uniform fun. The Heat will be wearing uniforms inspired by the old pink, err, excuse us, "magenta" and orange of the ABA's Floridians during six games this season, and the team unleashed a very groovy photo shot to unveil the design. Who knew Mike Miller was basically Will Ferrell's body double from Semi-Pro?

​Turns out fashion savvy Dwyane Wade can't pull off everything. Namely, that wig. 

​Little known fact: Miller was actually traded from the Flint Tropics. 

LeBron James is giving off a distinct Andre J vibe here.
​Radio Haslem
​Apparently not only will Norris Cole deprive of us our flat top wishes, but of our afro fun too. 
​Bosh rocking a porn stache.

​Shortly after this photo shoot the wig actually totally ate Mario Chalmer's entire face off.

This isn't the first time that the Heat have rocked Floridian inspired jerseys. Back in 2004 they wore black version of the jersey for select games. The Heat will take to the floor in the jersey for the first time this Saturday against the Philadelphia 76ers. 

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Jackie Moon
Jackie Moon

LOVE those orange and white striped headbands! ABA baby

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