Poll: 48 Percent of Floridians Approve of Las Vegas-Style Casinos, 43 Percent Oppose

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A day after a Senate committee approved Florida's controversial gambling that would bring Las Vegas-style casinos to South Florida, Quinnipiac University is out with a poll that shows Floridians narrowly support the idea. Forty-eight percent support the idea of bringing full-service casinos to Florida, while 43 percent oppose the idea. Meanwhile, the poll also finds that Rick Scott remains woefully unpopular.

While Republican politicians may be paving the way for casinos in Florida, Republican voters narrowly oppose the plan 48-46. Democrats, independents, Catholics, men, and white voters, meanwhile, support the measure. Support among women and Hispanics is virtually split, while black voters, Protestants and born-again Evangelicals oppose the idea.

However, 61 percent of Floridians say casinos would be good for Florida's economy, and 73 percent don't think that gambling is morally wrong.

Meanwhile, the Q poll finds that 50 percent of Floridians disapprove of the way Gov. Rick Scott is handling his job compared to just 38 percent who approve. His approval rating, though, is up five points since December.

The Republican-controlled legislature has similar numbers: 32 percent approve, 49 disapprove.

Read the full Q poll result here.

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Gamblers lose
Gamblers lose

Genting and other criminals pushing casinos are spreading money around buying lobbyists and attorneys (same) and trying to influence the media and voters that the 99.9% of gamblers who lose money are having a good time. The fact that 99% or more of the profits will be leaving the state? Who is investigating?

Casinos rape customers
Casinos rape customers

Florida is limping along fine without foreign and out-of-state companies bribing elected officials to approve more casinos.

Just what Florida needs - more foreigners taking money out of our economy and bringing in unemployed workers from Nevada and Malaysia to take casino jobs.

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