Poll: Obama Leads Romney 62-29 in Miami Area

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We know you're tired of polls. Mitt Romney has taken a commanding lead in Florida primary polls, and will all but certainly beat his rivals. After that, Florida polls are likely to show a neck and neck battle between Romney and Obama. This Tarrance Group poll conducted for the Everglades foundation is no exception, but it does show one pretty damn interesting results: Obama is leading Romney in South Florida by a landslide.

The poll has a margin of error of +/- 4 percent, and that's likely increased when statistics are broken down, but the poll claims that Obama leads Romney in the Miami designated media area of Miami by 62 to 29.

The Miami DMA includes Miami-Dade, Broward and Monroe counties. Those counties all went for Obama in 2008. Sixty-seven percent of Browardians voted for Obama, and 58 percent of Miamians did the same. He'll have to pull similar number in 2012 if he hopes to re-win Florida, and it looks like he's in solid position to do that.

Obama also lead among Florida Latinos, 50-41 percent, and Independents, 44-39.

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Wake Up Miami...!!
Wake Up Miami...!!

Just shows that Miami is full of uninformed idiots and racists...!! If you voted for Obama the first time because he was black, you ARE a racist!!

If you vote for him a second time, your stupidty and racism are very apparent...Liberals cannot handle nor want any truth in politics, they are happy to blindly follow the rest of the sheeple and drink the kool-aid of their "messiah." It would be funny if it wasn't so sad and pathetic, think for yourselves people. Lose the food stamp, government teet mentality...


Finally, something showing Miamians aren't complete idiots.

If you vote for Romney, or any Republican at this point, you are a moron.

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