Woman Run Over and Killed By Her Own Car in Miami Driveway

Categories: Road Rage
For the second time in a matter of months a South Florida woman has been killed in after being run over by her own car. The latest incident happened Sunday around 11 p.m. in the 4200 block of Northwest Fourth Street in Miami according to The Miami Herald.

The victim, Norma Diaz, a 58-year-old resident of Pembroke Pines, had gotten out of the car after noticing something strange. She got out to inspect, but forgot to take the car out of reverse. A passenger in the car noticed that she forgot to put the brakes on, and attempted to hit the brake peddle. Instead the passenger hit the accelerator and ran over Diaz.

"Unless we get an independent witness or somebody tells us they were arguing or something like that, we go based on statements, and from what we have this appears just to be an accident," police spokesman Willie Moreno told the Herald. "The passenger tried to reach over to the driver side and tried to stop the vehicle. It just didn't happen."

Diaz was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital and was later declared dead.

This is the second such incident in Miami since September. That month a woman was killed in the parking garage of the Burger King corporate headquarters after also exiting her car and forgetting to put it in park.

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"for the second time in a matter of months a South Florida women has been killed after being run over by her own car".     Wow the poor women was killed TWICE!!!

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