Armed Robber Drops His Gun, Returns To Buy It Back From Victims For $40

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A Bradenton man was arrested in the wee hours of Thursday morning after trying to rob two men, getting pepper sprayed in the face, dropping his gun, running away -- and then came back to try to buy the gun back for $40. Only to get pepper sprayed in the face yet again.

Oh, Florida.

Police say Cedrick Mitchell, 39, barged into a motel room at 12:30a.m., and asked the two men staying in the room for pills. But when they said they didn't have any, Mitchell pulled out a handgun from his waistband and demanded "everything you got," Capt. Warren Merriman of the Bradenton Police Department tells the Bradenton Herald.

That plan went awry when one of the victims pepper sprayed Mitchell in the face.

According to Merriman, Mitchell ran, leaving behind his gun, but soon returned to the motel room and begged to buy his gun back for $40.

Unfortunately, Mitchell was pepper sprayed in the face. Again. Then ran away. Again.

After calling 911, officers chased Mitchell down at which point he was arrested. He's currently being held with no bond at Manatee County Jail.

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I think that when criminals do such silliness they should be sent to china.  Immediately...


You don't bring a gun to a pepper spray fight.

ol salty
ol salty

It appears that Mitchell is new to the criminal underworld.

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