David Ortiz and Jose Bautista Are Currently Wandering Downtown Miami In Full Baseball Uniform

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This is like the baseball fan's version of that time Beyonce went to Cheeseburger Baby.

I was in the courthouse district an hour or so ago when I saw the strangest thing: Baseball superstars David Ortiz and Jose Batista strolling down Northeast 1st Avenue, in full baseball uniform. It was extremely surreal-- if I dreamed of walking into David Ortiz and Jose Batista in Miami's Jewelry district, they would probably be wearing their baseball uniforms. It took about half a second to register that they were not animatronic wax sculptures.

Turns out, they were on break from a commercial shoot.

It was a shoot for Majestic sports apparel. The production commandeered a defunct Payless Shoe Source, turned it into a baseball jersey store, and then had Ortiz and Bautista stand at the window like mannequins while a fellow wearing a Red Sox uniform with Ortiz's number 34 rode another man's shoulders and looked through the window at them.

Maybe it will make more sense when it airs?

A couple of local luminaries ran into a (real) sporting goods store and bought Blue Jays and Red Sox hats, which they then had Ortiz and Bautista sign. One of them is the dude in the yellow shirt in these photos I took with my crappy cell phone camera.

Screw Punxsutawney Phil-- you know it's almost Spring when you're running into uniformed baseball superstars on the sidewalk.

David Ortiz and Jose Bautista as mannequins.
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Majestic OnField
Majestic OnField

Being the official uniform provider of Major League Baseball, we may know why they were in Miami.


Jose Bautista, not Miguel Batista. Sheesh.

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