Dead Cats Found Possibly Poisoned in Miami Beach

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In a gruesome act that certainly can't be attributed to a dog, Miami Beach found four dead cats shoved into a bag last night. One cat was found alive. The feline was taken to a local animal hospital, but it too later died.

Update: The cats may have been poisoned. And it seems they weren't in a bag, despite Local 10's first report this morning. "I'm not sure where Channel 10 got that information," Det. Juan Sanchez, a MBPD spokesman, tells Riptide. "The cats were not found in a bag."

Police were called to a parking lot near the 1800 block of Bay Road around 4 p.m. according to Local 10.

Miami Beach police are investigating the discovery, and few details are immediately available.

Of course, Miami-Dade is no stranger to mysteries involving dead cats. Tyler Weinman, a South Miami-Dade teen was arrested in 2009 after a rash of dead cats were found in Cutler Bay and Palmetto Bay. The case was dropped after bite marks were found on some of the carcasses. He's now suing the county.

Update: The Miami Herald has more information. The cat found alive was wriggling in pain with blood dripping from its mouth. Investigators now believe that the cats were most likely poisoned.

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I am trying to find out more about the cause and method

Sandra W.
Sandra W.

 Wether accidently or intentionally these cats appeared to have died horrible painful deaths. Not being aware of how we dispose of or use toxic substances is disturbing. A child could have ingested poison. If intentional then the person responsible is unhuman in terms of compassion or feelings for other living things.

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