Dramatic North Miami Mayor Andre Pierre Now in Public Feud With His Kid's Science Teacher

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Controversy seems to follow North Miami Mayor Andre Pierre wherever he goes. So, naturally, now he's managed to get himself in a public feud with his kid's science teacher.

Laurie Futterman, a science teacher at the David Lawrence Jr. K-8 Center, showed up last week at a city council meeting to speak against controversial plans to privatize garbage pickup. In a seeming bit of retaliation, Pierre called up the school and demanded that Futterman be brought into the principal's office.

"Who is he to call my place of employment?" Futterman told the Herald. "I am offended as his son's educator and as a citizen."

Pierre said he merely wanted to talk to Futterman so he could set up a workshop to educate students about the garbage contract, because, yes, that's the job of public schools: to discuss the ins and outs of the politics of municipal garbage collection.

Pierre's son is a sixth grader at the school and is in Futterman's sixth-grade honors science class.

Its seems however that everything involved with this garbage contract stinks to high heaven.

Pierre's nephew and campaign manager was arrested last March after he was caught on tape promising a local businessman that in exchange for $4,000 he could personally get the vote on the contract moved until after local elections.

Last month Pierre also called a council member's daughter a prostitute during discussion of his nephew's arrest.

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Average Joe
Average Joe

Pierre is a menace to society.  No class, foul mouth, acts like a mafia boss. Impeach Pierre and elect an adult instead.

Low life scum
Low life scum

Andre Pierre is an embarrassment even to uneducated lowlife Haitians. Typical of why Haiti is a nationwide slum.

Buddy Love07
Buddy Love07

Besides all the bad press, he has been a pretty good mayor to the citizens of NM. Only thing is I do believe there might be some corruption on this trash deal. You can't ignore his nephews arrest. 

Anyway you know the feds are watching. They don't step in until they're positive they can convict you. State conviction rate in Florida is about 59%. Federal conviction rate in Florida is 97%!!!


North Miami has the worst mayor in all of Florida!


Pierre is a discrace to the citizens of North Miami


 Mayor Andre Pierre is the same crooked politician who:

   - is under investigation by FDLE for the bribery scandal involving this solid waste contract for which his nephew/campaign manager was already arrested. See http://www.nbcmiami.com/news/N...

   - presented an over-sized $200k check to the Haitian government for earthquake relief when the city only collected $84k, then arranged almost a year later to give some of the money to an inactive organization. See http://www.miamiherald.com/201...

   - used city money to buy 40+ police badges that said "Mayor's Staff" even though only three people work for him. His first check to reimburse the city bounced and some of those badges have never been recovered. See http://blogs.miaminewtimes.com...

   - was caught driving a $150k Porsche Panamera around town that did not belong to him and lied about who was the car's owner. See http://articles.sun-sentinel.c...

   - allegedly arranged for the city to pay $5,000 to his nephew's girlfriend to perform a phantom radio show that never aired. See http://www.radiowavesforum.com...

   - according to the police union, invokes his political position and makes implied threats against police officers who pull him over for his numerous traffic violations See http://www.nbcmiami.com/news/l...

   - illegally used special police funds to install hidden video cameras in his office after the FDLE bribery investigation was launched. See http://www.nbcmiami.com/news/l...

   - allegedly arranged to give city meeting space to his political allies to hold private parties. See http://www.miamiherald.com/201...

   - falsely referred to Councilman Michael Blynn’s daughters as “prostitutes" when Blynn mentioned Pierre's nephew's arrest for arranging bribes on the solid waste contract. See http://www.huffingtonpost.com/...

The time to indict Andre Pierre and remove him from office is long overdue.

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