Florida Man on Trial for Possession of Crack Pipe Shows Up to Court With a Crack Pipe

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Ramos's dueling mug shots.
Perhaps you remember the Broward County man who showed up to court for his trial on drug trafficking charges in a shirt that was printed with crack cocaine cooking instructions. He might have the upper hand in fashion, but in terms of pure ballsiness/stupidity, he has nothing on Stanley B. Ramos of Manatee County.

Ramos, 32, was originally arrested New Year's Eve when a police officer found a crack pipe in plain view shoved into his backpack, according to the Bradenton Herald. Ramos was arrested, and a hearing date was set for yesterday.

So at 8:45 a.m., Ramos showed up promptly for his court appearance at the Manatee County Judicial Center. While he was passing through security, guess what officers found? Yes! A crack pipe in his backpack.

Ramos was allowed to attend the hearing for his original drug paraphernalia charge but was then immediately arrested and taken to jail for the latest crack pipe discovery.

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Aaron Gomez
Aaron Gomez

I'll never understand this obsession with controlling the decisions of others. 


why was the cop searching him in the first place, Because he has nothing better to do? There are actual criminals in the world...


I wonder what else could we expect from a crack head but a crack pipe?

I really wonder what these people who caused others to become drug addicts will say to almighty God for destroying the lives of others at the day of reconing?

It brings tears to the eyes when I see young boys and girls string out of Weed, Cocaine and alcohol,

May God help us!


-_- and im paying for this retards bologna sandwich with every cent i pay in taxes. Let him smoke his crack, jail is not going to save him, please stop wasting my money. PS, he will probably make/sell crack to pay for bond/lawyer... i fucking haaaate the u.s of a-ssholes.

Aaron Gomez
Aaron Gomez

You think God has a problem with Marijuana? 

Genesis 1:29 

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