Florida School Bus Driver Arrested for Showing Porn to Students

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Watching porn at work is a fireable offense in most offices, but it could land you behind bars if you work with children. 

Marcus Antonio Howard, 37, a public school bus driver in Panama City, Florida now stands accused of four counts of showing obscene material to a minor after he couldn't keep his porn habit contained to his off-the-clock hours.

Officials at the Bay School District first caught wind of Howard's alleged behavior when a middle school student told his mother that the bus driver had shown him porn on his cellphone. Howard was immediately placed on suspension the afternoon after the mother called the school, according to the News-Herald

School board officials called police. They interviewed Howard, and he initially denied having any pornographic material on his phone, and even offered his cell phone up for inspection. Police called his bluff and ended up finding pornographic images and videos on the phone. 

Mike Jones, the district's chief of security, then offered to drive Howard home. In the car, Howard admitted that he indeed did watch porn on his phone at work, but wasn't sure if any of the students saw it. Howard now faces four charges of showing porn to kids, but could face more charges as the investigation continues. 

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don juan

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