George LeMieux Continues Connie Mack/Charlie Sheen Attack with "Two & a Half Macks" Ad

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Instead of talking about salient issues, the two contenders for Florida's GOP Senate nomination have spent the better part of the last week arguing over a dumb Charlie Sheen joke. Former Sen. George LeMieux cracked last week that rival Rep. Connie Mack IV was the "Charlie Sheen of Florida Politics" and now his campaign is out with a new web ad that really hammers the point home: "Two and Half Macks." So, wait, does this make LeMieux the Ashton Kutcher of Florida politics?

And peep the contextual advertising that popped up when we were watching the video:

If you're lost, here's the recap over this bizarre political fight so far: after revelations about Mack's past of financial trouble and drunken bar fights came to light, LeMieux quipped that Mack was "the Charlie Sheen of Florida politics." Mack's humorless campaign manager struck back with a hyperbolic letter, but now, somehow, we've wound up here. LeMieux has taken this dumb joke just a little too far. Which, to be fair, is pretty much what the actual Two and Half Men does all the time.

If LeMieux was really up on his sitcoms he'd be calling Mack the "Bobby Newport of Florida politics," which, actually, is a better fitting comparison anyway.

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