Jennifer Lopez Loses Her Brickell Condo to Foreclosure

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Jennifer Lopez is the latest victim of Florida's foreclosure crisis. The condo in the Icon Brickell building she was shacking up in with her latest younger lover, Caspar Smart, has now been bought up out of foreclosure by someone else and Lopez will have to move out according to Gossip Extra. Don't worry about J.Lo's bank account though. Lopez was only leasing the place, so the foreclosure isn't related to her personal finances.

Back in 2009 Lopez and her then-hubby Marc Anthony started leasing a condo in the Icon Brickell. Jose Lambiet confirms our then-suspicion that the deal was designed to raise cheap publicity for the Icon. The couple got a good deal on a lease, and news of their residence in the struggling glass tower made its way around the gossip press. However, Lopez never bothered to buy her condo.

In 2010, HSBC Bank seized ownership of 1,276 condos in the tower from developer Jorge Perez and Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross' Related Group. Now J.Lo's love nest has been sold by the bank, and she'll likely be forced to pack up and move out. The buyer scooped up the apartment for $1.5 million.

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Venice Mayer
Venice Mayer

Unfortunately, it is so frustrating that such thing can happen to any one. What if the person has no knowledge of such but then have to face such situation. She's not bother primarily because she doesn't own it. Whether she own some brickell condos unit or not I guess news researcher should made it clearer so the headline would not be a waste of time. How come it did spread out in major news.. :(

Condo Rentals
Condo Rentals

I cant believe such incidents can happen with such world renowned celebrities.

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Drake Mallard
Drake Mallard

 Kind of a misleading headline, considering she didn’t own the condo.

The couple’s publicity machine made sure the gossip press believed the duo bought as many as 10 condos at the Icon, but public records never showed they purchased in the building. The claim they were owners in a building that Anthony deemed to be “the sexiest place in town” surfaced about the time Anthony bought a minority stake in the Dolphins.

Neil's ghost
Neil's ghost

Ross the puckered asshole face in a scam? Say it ain't so. Maybe JBLOW's fat ass couldn't fit in one of those small condos.

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