LeBron James Urged To Join All-Star Dunk Contest By Incredibly Persuasive Kid

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"Don't let my Saturday night go to a waste. Come on man, don't say that if you simply lose it will be a waste of your night. Come on man, you'll be dunking against rookies and stuff. It encourages other stuff, and stuff. All right, man? Come on."

Such is the thrust of the argument implored by a Portland kid on Youtube named Solomon. He's trying to convince LeBron James to join this year's All-Star Dunk Contest, which has become a B-list event because-- as Solomon sees it-- the league's stars are "at the hotel clubbing and drinking and stuff."

This kid's blinding powers of persuasion need to be used for an even greater good, like forging peace between Israel and Palestine. ("Come on Netanwhatever, just compromise and stuff.") But we're pretty positive he will not sway King James.

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