LeBron James Won't Rule Out a Return to Cleveland Cavs

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Well, this certainly doesn't disprove that weird rumor that popped up last month that LeBron James wasn't always on the same page with Heat Prez Pat Riley and was planning an eventual return to the Cleveland Cavaliers. James has now said he could see himself one day playing in Cleveland once again.

James and the Heat are gearing up for a game against those very Cleveland Cavaliers on Friday, and Number Six was fielding questions from the media after practice today.

"I'm happy where I am now," James said. "If I decide to come back (to Cleveland) hopefully the fans accept me."

According to the AP, he acknowledged he "made a mistake" with the way he handled his exit from the city, but is enjoying his time with the Heat.

As for his feud with Cavs owner Dan Gilbert, James said he could one day imagine patching it up. LeBron must be a better man than I, because I could never, ever forgive someone for writing in Comic Sans.

Then again, we kind of do wish James was a bitter, bitter man who held on to grunges. We certainly don't want to see him remove his talents from South Beach anytime soon.

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Comic sans is pretty unforgivable. 


Lebron should return to Cleveland. Could you imagine all of the media hype?? "The prodigal son returns to take care of some unfinished business " and don't let him finally bring a championship to Cleveland he would make more money than he did if he would have never left and don't forget the endorsements that would follow. It would be a win win situation for everyone.

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