Look Ma, No Hands: Senate Passes Bill to Legalize Hand-less Bike Riding

A Florida law requires all bicyclists to keep at least one hand on a handlebar while riding their bike at all times, which, of course, prevents show offs from looking totally awesome. Republican Rep. Ellyn Bogdanoff may have been unsuccessful in her attempt to bring Las Vegas-style casinos to Florida this year, but her bill to remove these handlebar regulations just passed the Senate with only a single nay vote.

Bogdanoff's bill makes a few other teeny tiny changes to the wording of Florida's existing bike laws, but the main effect is that it deletes a statue that declares "Any person operating a bicycle shall keep at least one hand upon the handlebars." Besides that the bill also allows police to issue a citation for anyone riding their bike without proper lights and reflectors at night time (don't worry, your first citation will be thrown out if you provide proof that you've since purchased the proper lights and reflectors).

And that my friends is basically all this bill does. It passed today with 37 yays, and 1 nay. The lone dissenter was Sen. Larcenia Bullard, a Miami-area Dem who was sponsoring separate legislation that would make bicycle helmet laws more strict (that legislation is pretty much dead, FYI).

A related bill has been filed in the House, but so far has not been heard by a committee.

Your Florida Senate: working hard on the most pressing issues facing Florida today.

[via Orlando Sentinel]

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elvio lado
elvio lado

Soooo, why are we paying this moron? If i see him on his bike im going to drop kick his shit (face)... hands or no hands, im hard to impress.


Brought to us by the same FACIST health nazis with their panties in a bind about whether folks on food stamps buy Twinkies

The Blind Squirrel Theory
The Blind Squirrel Theory

Glad to see the priorities are bang on. Where are they at with repealing the dwarf-tossing ban?

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