Marco Rubio Tops Vice Presidential Poll

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Marco Rubio has certainly been mentioned several times by Republican candidates as a possible running mate, and it appears that GOP voters agree. Fairleigh Dickinson University released the findings of a poll today in which they asked 799 registered Republicans across the country who they'd like to see be their party's VP. However no options were provided. Turns out Marco Rubio was mentioned more than several other high profile Republicans.

Rubio got 66 mentions, which is pretty impressive considering the options were virtually limitless. Rick Santorum, who's currently leading GOP presidential primary polls, came in second with 56. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was third. Sarah Palin was fourth.

The result is stunning considering Rubio has only been on the national stage for less than two years. Then again, the fact that several actual candidates, not to mention a small army of talking heads and pundits, have mentioned Rubio as a possible VP candidate certainly helped his showing.

One major problem though: Rubio has said they he has no interest in running for VP this year.

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Neil's ghost
Neil's ghost

Vice President Big Ears. Have you seen the size of those ears? Holy shit look at the size of those ears. He must be able to receive signals from deep space with those things.

Drake Mallard
Drake Mallard

A Cuban on the ballot means nothing to the general population of the Hispanic community. Most Latin Americans don't like Cubans

 The same Marco Rubio? That Talks Big but Fails to Deliver? Marco Rubio Really Admires Dead Ra cist Jesse Helms. So, Marco Rubio is going around calling America "weakened." He blames it on Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare.spented thousands with GOP credit card

 it's time to recall this clown.


"Most Latin Americans don't like Cubans"Wtf? I'm not Cuban and I don't dislike Cubans. Stop starting sh*t. 

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