Miami-Dade Nixes $3 Million Grant To Tax Evader After New Times Report

Miami-Dade County
Commissioner Dennis Moss
A recent New Times article helped convince Miami-Dade commissioners Tuesday to rescind a $3 million grant they had awarded to the family of shopping center developer Yoram Izhak.

At the commission's regular meeting, Commissioner Dennis Moss requested his colleagues reconsider a vote to help pay for the upgrade of Northside Shopping Center at NW 79th Street and 27th Avenue. He cited Izhak's convictions for tax evasion and attempting to board an airplane with a loaded gun. Izhak paid $75 and served probation for the crimes.

"Indeed the gentleman who had been [Northside's] principal divested his ownership and his wife took his place," Moss says. "That caused me some concern so I asked that the grant be reconsidered."

Izhak's attorney, Glenn Widom, declined to comment on the commission's reversal. Izhak owned Northside Centre until last year, when he transferred control to his spouse and other business partners, according to state incorporation records. Moss and other commissioners say they did not know about Izhak's crimes when they initially approved the grant this past Jan. 24.

The grant was originally sponsored by Commissioner Jean Monestime, who had to pull his name off and withhold his vote at the last minute when the Miami-Dade ethics commission ruled he had a conflict. Turns out Izhak owns 50 percent of the company that leases office space to Monestime.

At today's meeting, Commissioner Audrey Edmonson, who ended up being the grant sponsor because her district straddles the shopping center, withdrew her support after Moss brought it up. "No one else picked up the sponsorship, so the item died," Moss says. "That means the grant allocation is rescinded."

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Poverty pimps
Poverty pimps

Liberty City is a dump. Anyone drive there lately?

If Liberty City and the black ghetto neighborhoods had any customers then the private sector would invest.

Instead "poverty pimps" and the stupid elected officials who give them money divert public money ie taxpayer money into these crime filled ghettos.

Stop the cycle. Invest in education.

Some one who knows first hand
Some one who knows first hand

I also have the pleasure of working with Yoram Izhak close to two(2) years as well as worked with the previous owners of Northside Center.  Since employed here at Northside for 5yrs I can honestly say that no other owner has revitalized, this 50year old shopping center since he has inquired it.

I've worked with the previous owners of Northside, tenants were very unhappy due to the neglect of the property.  We were advised to collect the rent and dismiss any tenant concerns wherein it would include the owner to spend money on the upkeep of the property and that even included security issues.  We now operate a friendly family environment to include 24hr security wherein the past owners did not.

Therefore tenant occupancy has increased and shopping is a pleasure.  The residents in District 2 continously advise staff of the good work we had done for the property and surrounding area. 

I'm aslo a proud homeowner of District 2 (very close to Northside) and support the approval of the Commissioner to allow tax dollars assist with job creation(s) in the community.  Not only are we creating jobs, black business owner tenancy have increased.

The community leaders continue to applaud our efforts to bring back the once demised shopping center.  Commissioners should also be on board with our efforts, racist remarks which I have read attempt to continue the demise of our community.  Yoram Izhak has shown himself to be the very best owner of this shopping center.  Unemployment, crime will continue to escalate if we as a community don't speak out in terms of revitalizing our own areas.

It's shameful to see Miami Dade County Commissioners are not on board.  None of us are without some fault or past oversight in our past; let's not criticize the efforts of this man but cheer him on.  Let's not criticize the commissioner to support jobs and small business owners in his district. 

We move on continue to support Yoram and his unwaved support of Northside; hat's off to you Yoram and may god continue to bless you in your efforts!!!!


I can definitely comment on this issue as I have worked for this gentlemen for the many years and I can say with certainity that he is an upstanding individual.  The charge of the weapon was as a gentlemen commented below, an oversight on his part when trying to board an airline.  But at no point in time was this to be miscontrued as anything else but an oversight!!!  Last I checked no one is perfect and we do tend to forget things with our very busy schedules.  As for the tax evasion as you can see it was nothing more than a slap on the hand as the government really did not have a case.  It is very upsetting to see how people throw out comments and insults without knowing all the facts only the BS the news media puts out!!!!  It is VERY sad because in the long run the only ones losing in this matter are the residents of Liberty City!!!!!  


Monestime and others, including County staffers, has egg on his face. Why is Monestime doing favors for criminals?

Liberty City and Overtown are dumps because there is 70% unemployment and 85% of the males over age 18 have been arrested and 51% have been convicted of felonies.

Poverty pimps prey on stupid elected officials to get taxpayer money to DO NOTHING except enrich themselves.

Concerned Citizen
Concerned Citizen

First of all, get your facts right it was $50 fine so that leads me to believe the government was fishing and couldn't find him gulity of anything. On the gun charge how many people have been caught trying to board airplanes because they accidentally left a gun, knife or any other so called weapon in their bag. It happened to a flight attendant last year and she still kept her job with the airline.This does not make a person a criminal but maybe stupid.But as always you reporters twist the facts and create controversy to sell papers and get recognition.The only losers in this case are the residents of Liberty City who won't get new jobs this money would have created and a remodeled  shopping center  families can go shopping with their families.Kudos to you  for screwing the Liberty City residents.P.S.Last time I checked Miami New Times generates lots of revenue from escort services, porn industry and strip club advertising. I'm sure those are all legit businesses.


Well done Frank!


They are ripping you and the impoverished folks POSIONED SCHOOLS off to. look at how many schools are sick schools 222 much monie lost  sickeness ...your taxes will pay for civil sues. We use smart phones. And has nothing to do with our ecuation is folks that done stand up for the poor, and talk ship on facebook!




Your remarks are very racist.  What does the matter of unemployment and crime come to play in this matter?  Because of people like you putting others down in society is why crime will never go away.  Every community deserves a chance to turn around!!


How can you cry about facts and then just throw out an opinion of what you think happened with the gun charge?

Do you know he had it there by accident? No, way to be a hypocrite.

And I'm sure they just saved both the tax payers and the citizens there the hassle of having another sleezy asshole take money from better deserving programs.

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