Miami's Arab Spring: Anti-Assad, Pro-Syrian Freedom Rally Downtown

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Jacob katel
Rising to the occasion
Tyrannical Syrian despot Bashar al-Assad's goons would likely shoot, beat, or torture his countrymen for a similar action, but Miami's pro-freedom Syrian-Americans are proud to flex their democratic right to assemble and protest.

Sunday afternoon saw a pan-Arabian rally by Syrians, Saudis, Jordanians, Egyptians, Pakistanis, and other Americans at an anti-Assad rally at downtown Miami's torch of friendship decrying the reign of terror that has left thousands dead in the wake of tank treads, sniper fire, military brutality, search, and seizure.

Fists and flags
As packs of Heat fans crossed a thrumming Biscayne Boulevard headed for a game against the Magic, SUVs and sports cars blasting reggaeton honked their horns along to the energetic rhythms of the anti-Assad chanting.

A fire truck, and Ron Paul emblazoned vehicle did the same. Did the latter's driver know the crowd is calling for U.S. intervention in a foreign conflict? Apparently not.

Freedom calls
But the visceral energy captivated many passersby who were likely ignorant to the ugly dictatorial military action taking place a world away. The Syrian government, led by the country's mystical Alawi religious minority, has taken to crushing opposition with a steel fist wrapped in Chinese, and Russian bought weaponry, while the U.N., NATO, and White House stand on the sidelines repeating Bill Clinton's misstep in Rwanda.

Syria, which imposes compulsory military service on its people, has seen masses of soldiers turn against it, as protestors in Homs, and Damascus rise up to refute the legitimacy of over 40 years of rule by the al-Assad family.

Bloody street action
In Miami, Syrian-Americans, some of whom left home decades ago, spoke of family members killed, disappeared, and otherwise brutalized in a country so ravaged by its own leadership that food, water, gas, and communication with the outside world are in short supply.

Speak up
A poster bearing photographic evidence of the attack on the elderly parents of world famous Atlanta based musician Malek Jandali for his outspoken criticism of the regime spoke to its oppressive wherewithal.

Some Miami protestors refused to appear on camera, and many donned shades, hats, and face coverings.

One thing was clear though, they seek support from the outside world in the form of troops on the ground to quell the blood thirst of their country's Hitlerian visaged leader.

1945? Never again!
Here are some of the protestors in their own words:

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Dixie Chic
Dixie Chic

I think it's messed up when you categorize people this way... these people spend time and effort trying to make us (Americans) realize that people need our help. Innocent People.

But, some try to focus on the small parts and not pay attention to the meaning as a whole... grow up.


You don't need an apostrophe to make the plural of SUV.


interesting bias at play here...the facebook page for that event was clear on being non-interventionist, and if i had made it i would've walked away if it really was just a bunch of people begging for the empire to invade their country and rape the shit out of it worse than the assad's ever had the imagination for. 


Excellent reporting, once again, by Jacob Katel.

Phil Hazlitt
Phil Hazlitt

Ron Paul non-interventinists can still support this movement to end tyrannical violence. We don't think our broke federal government should get involved, but you're conflating two ideas: whether the government should get involved and whether individuals should speak out, raise awareness, and increase pressure on Syria's twisted tyranny. In addition, as an individual I hope for the day when free Syrians can live in their own country free from a murderous minority leader.


On the contrary, this link shows that the second line of the event flier reads "Syrian protestors have been appealing for outside intervention for months."


Good point Phil. Honking a car horn in support of a rally does not necessarily denote any ambition to intercede in foreign conflict with American troop support, but given that many of the ralliers were asking for just that, and the SUV was fully Ron Paul graphic wrapped, the irony was striking, even if it was purely subjective

BTW, do you have a problem with all minority leaders, or just murderous ones? Serious question

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