Obama Throws Up "The U" at the University of Miami: A Video Recap

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​President Barack Obama was in Coral Gables yesterday to shoot the shit with students at the University of Miami. With his presidential charm and that DC swagger, No. 44 addressed our country's energy crisis, took subtle jabs at the GOP presidential hopefuls and yes, threw up the U. Sadly, we couldn't get him to sing a few bars from Gloria Estefan's "Rhythm is Gonna Get You," but we did manage to shake the president's hand by proxy.

Click through for New Times' own video recap of the historic visit.

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lol, you can take the homey out of the hood, but youll never take the hood outt of the homey!Total-Privacy dot US

orison squirrel
orison squirrel

 misleading..... I thought he puked like bush did..

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