Rick Ross' Miami Home Was the Site of a Murder This Morning

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Someone turned up dead this morning at the Miami Gardens home of rapper Rick Ross, according to Local 10. Details are sparse at the moment, but reportedly the Boss was not home at the time of the shooting.

Police were driving near Ross's neighborhood this morning around Northwest 181st Street and 32nd Avenue when they spotted the dead body of a 40-year-old man inside the gate of the rapper's front lawn.

"I was there when there were shots. I don't know what car, but they got away down the street," one witness tells Local 10, suggesting either a drive-by shooting, or that the shooter or shooters made off in a getaway car.

According to TMZ, Ross was not at the home, and investigators aren't sure whether the victim has any connection to Ross. Though, local police would like to speak to Ross about the incident.

Ross is listed as the owner of the home, but it's not known if it is his main residence.

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Rick Ross body
Rick Ross body

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Body at Rick Ross house? Find the name yet? Murderer still free?


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You dont even know the story yet, idiot!


Call it a hunch. Usually 90% accurate.

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