Teen Shot in Liberty City While Walking Home From School

Categories: Crime
A 17-year-old boy walking home from school was shot in Liberty City this afternoon. The student is in critical condition at Jackson Memorial Hospital, while police search the area for the culprit.

The incident occurred near Northwest 62nd Street and 10th Avenue this afternoon. According to WSVN, a vehicle pulled up to the boy, and someone in side unloaded several bullets before speeding off.

The boy's stepfather tells Local 10 that the boy was shot in the chest and will undergo emergency surgery.

Police remain on the scene investigation the incident.

Little other information, including the boy's school or a description of the vehicle, has been released. Though, the incident occurred just a few blocks away from Miami Edison Senior High School.

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Miami is safer
Miami is safer

Another criminal off the streets. Miami is a safer city.


Put cameras up and you will capture these cowards

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