What Are Miami's Most Popular Dog Breeds? Think Big and Bad

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The Labrador retriever reigns supreme as America's favorite dog breed and is the most popular dog in most U.S. cities. Not here in Miami, however. Even though pit bulls are officially banned in the county, Miamians prefer big, strong, and occasionally frightening dogs. So it's no surprise that according to the latest data from the American Kennel Club, the German shepherd reigns supreme in the 305.

Here are the top dog breeds in Miami according to the AKC:

Miami's Most Popular Breeds 2011*
1. German shepherd
2. Yorkshire terrier
3. Rottweiler
4. Labrador retriever
5. French bulldog
6. Doberman pinscher
7. Bulldog
8. Boxer
9. Golden retriever
10. Maltese

Unsurprisingly, Miamians seem to have a strong preference for the kind of dogs you wouldn't want fuck with: German shepherds, rottweilers, pinschers and boxers. Even the more gentle dogs here are big and sturdy, including the lab, bulldog and golden retriever.

Of course, Miami is home to its fair share of housewives as well, so its no surprise that a few cute lil' lap dogs like the Yorkie, French bulldog and Maltese actually make the list.

Whatever the case, Miami seems to have its own distinct taste in pups. Four of the breeds that make America's overall top ten fail to register in Miami:

1. Labrador retriever
2. German shepherd
3. Beagle
4. Golden retriever
5. Yorkshire terrier
6. Bulldog
7. Boxer
8. Poodle
9. Dachshund
10. Rottweiler

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