A New Sex Offender Encampment Has Sprung Up in Miami

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Sex offenders are no longer under the bridge, but a new camp has popped up in Miami
It's been almost two years now since the last of the sex offenders cleared out from their infamous encampment under the Julia Tuttle Causeway, but the Miami Herald now reports that a new sex offender camp has sprung up in the Shorecrest area. Once again, the Florida Department of Corrections has been steering the recently released sex offenders to the area.

Miami-Dade has some of the state's harshest rules regarding where sex offenders can live. They cannot live within 2,500 feet of a school. Even though some restrictions were dropped in the wake of the Julia Tuttle controversy, that still leaves very little area in the county where the released offenders can live, and even fewer that are affordable.

The Herald reports that as many as two dozen men now camp out on the Southwest corner of NE 79th Street and 10th Avenue in Shorecrest. They stay there from 10 at night until 6 in the morning, and the men were originally sent there by probation officials. The department denies this, but many said they were given the address by officials.

City leaders are now worried that the camp has become permanent, and are mulling a lawsuit.

"I am extremely disappointed in the lack of progress and to discover that the sex offenders are now erecting tents in the public right of way at the location, a sign that they intend to make this location more than just their temporary reporting area," City Commissioner Marc Sarnoff writes in a letter to the DOC.

Commissioner Sarnoff plans to present a resolution to get approval for a lawsuit. The measure could be taken up at the commission's March 22nd meeting.

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Drake Mallard
Drake Mallard

  Marc Sarnoff "I am extremely disappointed in the lack of progress and to discover that the sex offenders are now erecting tents in the public right of way at the location. HEY AShole then if you care some for the sex offender then put then in your house then! what about the victims of sex crime? They have to life with that all their life. Personally, I think repeat violant offenders should get the death penalty.


Ummm, what the fuck do you care? do you have to live under a bridge? do your kids hang out under bridges? im just glad i dont. And im glad i dont care about dumb shit like this. Oh and public places are just that, PUBLIC.


Of course it has, it was always a question of when this would happen again.  Ron Book lobbied for more draconian laws, helping pass a 2,500 feet law instead of 1,000 feet, so his lobbying has created this mess, and he used tax payer money to shut down the encampment (aka Bookville) he helped create, and put ex-offenders up in hotels/motels.  But, the money didn't last, and he said it was because people didn't want his help.  Of course they don't, they want the unconstitutional laws reformed.

How far a way someone lives from children has nothing to do with if they will commit another crime, besides, not all ex-offenders have even abused children, yet it's assumed they did.  This doesn't prevent crime or protect people, it forces people into homeless and joblessness, and that potentially does create more crime by making people desperate.

If you want to see more of this insanity, visit the following YouTube channel and Blog:


Sex offenders
Sex offenders

Typical. The Department of Corrections doesn't give a crap about Miami.

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