Andrew Britt Busted For Running Meth Lab In Camper Parked On Strangers' Lawn

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via Suwannee County Sheriff's Office
Running a meth lab out of a mobile camper honestly isn't the worst idea in the world. Actually, if AMC's Breaking Bad is half as knowledgeable as it seems, hauling a camper into the the wilderness to cook up crystal is the safest way to evade Johnny Law. The plan goes right off the rails, though, if you park your meth camper in the middle of some stranger's backyard.

Just ask Andrew James Britt. The native of Live Oaks, Florida is facing two felonies this morning after a neighbor called to report the Britt was living in their yard without permission.

Sheriffs in Suwannee County, which is west of Jacksonville, responded to a call on Monday in Live Oak, the county seat.

When they arrived at the house, the owner told them they'd discovered a camper illicitly parked in their yard, reports WTSP.

Inside the vehicle, they found Britt sound asleep -- surrounded by meth-making equipment.

Britt faces felony charges of possessing and manufacturing meth. Riptide suggests he learn some pointers from Walter White before his next adventure.

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This story is not correct. That is my property , I am his mother. I do not live in Live Oak anymore. But my x husband  now lives in the home on the property. And the travel trailer is where Andrew keep his food in the refrigerator. He lived on the back porch of the home... This story is so mixed up. It needs to be deleted. He was not even making meth in the travel trailer. The cops even stated that. Come on guys. It hurts bad enough when a child makes a mistake. But lets get the story right. Even the Suwannee Democrat story was not totally correct. 

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