Brandon Marshall Just Got Traded to the Bears

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Bye, bye, Brandon Marshall?'s NFL Insider has Tweeted that the Dolphin's Brandon Marshall just got traded to the Chicago Bears in exchange for a pretty paltry two third round pics. Well, this is pretty huge. Especially considering Peyton Manning was said to be wary of working with Marshall. Update: The Chicago Tribune confirms the deal.

The Dolphins trading away arguably their best player (at least when he wants to be, like when he received MVP honors in the Pro Bowl) is pretty mind boggling. Rumors of Marshall wanting to be reunited with QB Jay Cutler (both played together for the Broncos) have been floating around ever since Cutler left Denver three years ago, so it's not exactly surprising.

The other interesting factor: There were some rumors floating around that Peyton Manning wasn't a big fan of Brandon Marshall nor his unpredictable behavior. Could the Dolphins have traded Marshall to lure Manning and make room for his preferred receiver Reggie Wayne?

We really can't figure out any other reason, aside from a little bit of cap space, why the Fins would let Marshall go with very little in return. Then again, so many of the Dolphins decisions in the past decade have made very little sense to us.

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Neil's ghost
Neil's ghost

Jeff the drunk strikes again. Buy high and sell low. Dig up Joe Robbie and put his corpse in the owner's office. Can't do any worse than puckered asshole face Ross. Smells better too.

J.J. Colagrande
J.J. Colagrande

Definitely. Writing is on the wall...

Make room for Peyton, and welcome home Reggie Wayne . . .


All this proves is that the Rams didn't want Marshall.  What does that tell you.

SeanC the8*
SeanC the8*

What are you kidding me?  This is addition by subtraction.  Have you seen how many times  he has dropped the ball at critical times? Have you seen how many tantrums he's thrown that has costed innumerable 15 yard penalties. I'm surprised the phins managed to get anything for him, plus unload his salary onto the Bears. Great move by the Miami F.O.

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