A Second Alleged Rape at Fontainebleau During Miami Music Week

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​Rafael Munga, 26, was arrested Thursday after allegedly sexually assaulting a woman inside her Fontainebleau penthouse suite, Miami Beach Police say.

The victim said she woke up to a naked man climbing into her bed, according to a report by CBS Miami. She left the door to her suite open because she expected a female friend to arrive.

Interestingly enough, five days from now will mark the one-year anniversary for another Fontainebleau rape case involving three men, which was eventually dropped. In that case, a trio was said to have brutally gang raped a young college student during last year's Miami Music Week.

"This needs to be investigated to see how this happened and to prevent it from happening again," said Kat Paulovich, a guest at the hotel, to CBS Miami.

The police report for this year's Fontainebleau rape case said the victim went to sleep around three in the morning alone in her suite. Then she woke up to the alleged attacker raping her.

She was able to run from the man and made it to her sister's nearby suite. They then called police and fire rescue.

Surveillance tapes show a man who appears to resemble the alleged rapist having entered and exited the woman's suite over an approximate 22-minute period.

Munga has no criminal record in Miami-Dade. It's unclear whether he made the $32,500 bail, but chances are, if he was staying at the Fontainebleau, money may not be an issue for him.

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Although the news only reports on one or two a year, according to police there are 80 reported rapes in Miami Beach each year. 

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