Florida Woman Calls 911 For Help Finding a Spot to Pee in the Woods, Turns Out She Was Just Intoxicated at Home

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Monica Usher
Does a bear pee in the woods? That's an easy question. Does a Florida meth-head pee in the woods? That's apparently a more complicated question than one could ever imagine.

Marcia Usher, 32 of Hudson, Florida, called 911 and reported that she was lost in the woods and didn't know where to pee. Mayber Usher is a bit more pee shy than us, because we'd assume the woods was one big urinal. Turns out, however, Usher wasn't even lost in the woods at all.

According to WTSP and the Pasco Sheriff's Office, deputies responded Wednesday night to Usher's house to find her nowhere near the woods, but rather in her own front yard.

She seemed intoxicated and was drinking a beer. After receiving permission, officers searched a nearby cooler. Usher said that there was a knife inside. Instead they found a handgun placed on top a bunch of cold beer.

After a brief struggle, Usher was handcuffed. During a strip search at jail authorities discovered a small vile with meth residue on Usher's body.

Usher now faces charges of carrying a concealed weapon without a permit, possession of methamphetamine, introduction/possession of contraband in a detention facility, and resisting arrest without violence.

No word on whether she ever found anywhere to pee.

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Lets all hope this woman has no kids.


@Dartfrog37You know what ... Lets hope you dont have any kids ! I personally have know Marcia since she was 12 and I am 32 now and I must say that we all do stupid things when we are drunk , and you have no clue what she has gone through in life and only a piece of shit like you ( who I bet couldnt handle walking 10 feet in her shoes ) would say something of that nature , have you ever lived in Florida ? NO you havent I bet , there are wild animals all over there not to mention a bunch of inbread jerks who randomly rape people ..... So I can see the gun being on her person , I hate sites like this they never EVER put the other persons side of the story ! I was going to be a cop in Pasco county Florida and aslong as you are on your own property you can have a gun 9-10 times they plant drugs on people everyday ..... THEY EVEN TEACH YOU THAT AS AN EXPLORER WHEN YOU ARE ONLY 14 YRS OLD , the police also teach you that if you are black it is an automatic beating . 

I also hate the fact of introducing a drug into the jail charge , first off if the officer that arrested her properly searched her why didnt they find it on her then ?? Just a coincidence that they find a drug on her after she was booked and searched again by the people that have the property and evidence room in the same building , also DARTFROG37 people who use drugs like that pick at the skin just an FYI because her blood came back clean and the arresting officer got written up an suspended w/o pay 



@uinbreadfrog Do you still see her, how is she? how about Mathew? Since 12... know Tim by chance?

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