Gloria James, LeBron's Mom, Strikes Plea Deal in Fontainebleau Valet Slapping Case

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Gloria James, mother of Miami Heat superstar LeBron James, will avoid more serious punishment after striking a plea deal in a public intoxication case. James was arrested last April after slapping a valet outside of the Fontainebleau resort on Miami Beach.

Prosecutors have agreed to drop charges against James, according to TMZ, if she completes 20 hours of community service, donates $1,000 to the Bush Clinton Haiti Fund, and agrees to stay away from her victim, Rockfeller Sorel. Sorel, a native of Haiti, has agreed to the deal.

James was originally arrested back in April. She had been partying and drinking with friends at the LIV nightclub at the resort. When she was ready to leave there was apparently some delay in getting her SUV back from the valet. She allegedly yelled, "Where are my fucking keys?" and then slapped Sorel.

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Her obnoxious son can get her off of anything.  Now tell me, had one of us down the ladder done this, our fannies would be in jail, exactly where she should be, and I hope the valet sued her.  Great role model MOM JAMES


Money talks and bullshit walks!


I wonder how much the valet guy got paid?

A black female slapping a man? There's a switch.

Juan R. Pollo
Juan R. Pollo

This LIV place seems to have a bad effect on people, huh?


I hope he got a bundle, maybe enough to retire on.  Her son has enough to give and get her off anything her ignorant fannie does.

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