Marlins Prez David Samson Clarifies That He Thinks All Americans Are Stupid and Lazy

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Miami Marlins President David Samson waded into hot water this week after he told a local business council that he thinks Miamians are stupid. Last night Samson talked with WSVN to clarify his remarks. Don't worry guys, he doesn't think Miamians are especially stupid. He wants to clarify that he thinks Americans are just stupid and lazy in general.

"We're not the smartest people in Miami. If you're in this room, you're instantly in the top 1 percent," Samson told Miami's Beacon Council on Tuesday, according to an article in Miami Today.

Here's his clarification to WSVN:

"We were talking about politicians and how we need to attract the smartest people, but we were not talking about Miami. We were talking about all the country," he clarified to WSVN yesterday.

He says that his comments in Miami Today were misquotes and taken out of context. The editor of Miami Today, though, stands behind the article.

"Of course I'm not dismissive, because anyone who knows me or knows our team, every employee we have, every person, we do nothing but work for our fans," Samson continued. "Customer service, it's all about the fans."

WSVN also has a portion of Samson's speech on video in which Samson discusses the relatively low 17 percent voter turnout in the recall election of former Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Alvarez.

"There's nothing that bothers me more than a community that cries about all the ills in the community themselves, and then they don't vote? Because they're too lazy or they're watching "Oprah" or whatever they're doing?" Samson said.

Well come on Samson, lets be fair. The original recall vote did happen during Oprah's last season. The original vote to pick the next mayor actually happened the day Oprah aired her second-to-last episode ever (which, coincidentally, had the lowest voter turn out of the three elections involved in recalling and picking a new mayor). Let's be honest, if there was ever a time to stay home and watch Oprah, that was it.

In reality, of course, most Miamians weren't watching Oprah that day (This is Cristina's town). Most of them were probably hard at work that day trying to support their families. Most of us aren't lucky enough to have a Step-Daddy who happens to own a major league sports team.

Here's the full interview:

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Dr. Welkenstine
Dr. Welkenstine

I'd comment; but I'm just too lazy--not to mention too stupid to have anything worth saying. Duh!

Stupid Miami elected officials
Stupid Miami elected officials

David Samson is a midget jerk. He did abuse and take advantage of stupid inexperienced elected officials and idiot county and city staffers.

Larry Spring, the fired CFO from the City of Miami is a clown who got used by David Samson and the disgraced Manny Diaz.

Frank Pecorella
Frank Pecorella

OK, its we are so stupid, he can go back to where he came from and we don't need to attend any of his clubs games....You wont find me at any of the games!!!

Samson is a Midget
Samson is a Midget

What has this guy done? I mean he has been riding his ex-stepfather's coattails for years now. He calls the people here dumb, but he has not accomplished anything in his own life. He is living off the accomplishments of others. I love how LeBatard cleverly makes fun of him and his crew, yet he is too stupid to see it.

Drake Mallard
Drake Mallard

 Every year, millions of taxpayer dollars are poured into stadiums, 
hockey rinks, baseball parks, and other arenas in order to attract and retain 
professional sports teams in big cities.  Often the money is spent by 
the cities after a team "threatens" to leave the city.When that happens, of course, the local news media act as the willing 
accomplices of the billionaires who own the teams.When city and state governments build facilities for sports organizations which are owned by billionaires, and raise taxes as a result, it is clearly an abuse of power. 

"it time for more recalls and jail time ™"

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