Mayor Tomás Regalado and Daughter Raquel Fined for Campaign Finance Violations

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The family that pays fines together, binds together, we guess.

Both Miami Mayor Tomás Regalado and his daughter Raquel Regalado, a Miami-Dade School Board member, have been fined for sloppy bookkeeping during his 2009 campaign for office.

Raquel served as treasurer for her father's campaign (the fines are not related to her own run for school board) and apparently didn't do the best job. The books, which were kept by hand, were off by as much as $40,000. They were also given to the city clerk late once.

Hmm, how much control does Raquel, as a school board member, have over local kids' math education?

According to the Miami Herald, both she and her father were fined $5,000 each after the Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigated.

The investigators chalk up the mistakes to sloppiness, not any intentional criminal violations.

However, Tomás Regalado is still being investigated for possibly taking $8,500 in donations from overseas.

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Cuba Libre
Cuba Libre

Most elected officials would have gotten much more severe fines and penalties.

Welcome to Cuba.

Drake Mallard
Drake Mallard

Last summer, state authorities launched a criminal investigation into the mayor’s 2009 campaign finances, including $8,500 he took from foreign donors and a nearly $40,000discrepancy in total contributions — an embarrassment at a time of heightened scrutiny over spending by public officials. His treasurer: his daughter. In her successful 2010 race, Raquel Regalado’s opponents accused her of relying on her father’s political machine to win a School Board election without any education experience.And each has come off a tough year. The mayor, 64, faced the most intense criticism of his career over frequent city manager turnover and a dragged-out fight to oust the police chief. His daughter took flak for being in a minor car accident while driving with a suspended license. She also had to pay a $3,526 fine after filing her final School Board campaign finance report 301 days late.

welcome to the banana republic

nepotism that how you get a job in miami  just ask the city workers

"a college degree does not guarantee a job"

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