Miami Marlins Theme Song: Five Other Fan Odes to the Fish

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Yesterday, Riptide found what seemed to be a theme song for the newly christened Miami Marlins. Sadly, we've since learned the song is unofficial, a passionate fan ode to the reborn franchise -- which makes the music much more endearing, and also more confusing. Who the hell takes the time to write and record a song about the Miami Marlins?

More people than you'd think. Check out five other would-be Marlins fan themes we dug up on YouTube.

5. "Miami Marlins Rap," By Ironwheels 199

Key lyric: "New unis fill the store, are anything but a bore; a new sleek logo with such bright colors."

Jack McKeon Old Man Awfulness Rating: Three and a half McKeons. To Jack's ears, this teenage Autotuned rap duo have their hearts in the right place. But their flow is sub-Sugarhill Gang, and Jack demands a tight rhyme.

4. "I'm a Florida Marlin,"

Key lyric: "No disrespect to J.A. Happ, but I could give a fuck about that red Phillies cap."

Jack McKeon Old Man Awfulness Rating: Five McKeons. That's a hearing-aid destroying backbeat, kids. But Jack does give bonus points for's official logo (visible at the 1:12 mark) of an AK-47 in place of the jumping fish in the team logo.

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Bronx cheer
Bronx cheer

The Marlins only song should be a Bronx cheer.

Marlins Midget president David Samson is a twerp.

f b
f b

what is this post-civil war reconstruction? really carpetbagger? They guy rob the city blind...Dont hate it , he did it legally.  We should elect no more of these banana republic cubanitos to do things

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