Miami Mascot Madness Tournament: Vote For Your Favorite Sports Mascot

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It's an exciting time in South Florida sports. Both the Heat and Panthers appear to be making strong runs at the playoffs. The UM Women's Basketball team is sure to be a threat in the official March Madness (and the men might make it too). The Dolphins are in the midst of a critical off season. And, of course, the Marlins are putting the final touches on their new stadium and working out their new roster.

But we won't have any actual critical competitions on the field for a while. So we've decided to create some. Riptide wants to know which team's mascot is South Florida's favorite.

Here's how it work: We've divided the mascots from South Florida's major pro and college teams into four different divisions. Round one kicks off today, and we'll leave voting open until Tuesday night just before midnight. Round two will kick off on Wednesday and voting will remain open until Thursday night. We'll announce the finalist on Friday, and voting will be open all weekend long. The ultimate winner will be announced next Monday.

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