Mitt Romney Wants You To Know He's Really Good Friends with Dolphins Owner Stephen Ross

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Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has a habit of reminding everyone just how very, very rich he is, and lately, just how very, very rich and powerful all of his friends are.

About a month ago while discussing NASCAR, he mentioned how he was friends with several team owners. This morning, while discussing the race for Peyton Manning, all Romney was really able to talk about was his friendship with various NFL team owners, including Dolphins owner Stephen Ross.

"I've got a lot of good friends -- the owner of the Miami Dolphins and the New York Jets -- both owners are friends of mine," Romney told an Alabama radio host on Monday.

Romney, as a former governor of Massachusetts, is a Patriots fan -- AKA the biggest rivals of both the Dolphins and Jets -- but has no problems taking money from AFC East owners.

Dolphins owner Ross has donated a whopping $100,000 to Restore our Future, a lightly regulated Super PAC which finances Romney's campaign. Ross has also contributed the maximum $2,500 directly to Romney's campaign, and is actively raising money for the Republican. Jets owner Woody Johnson has also given $7,500 to Romney's campaign and associated PACs. Oddly, Robert Kraft, the owner of Mitt's favorite team the Patriots, has given $5,000 to Barack Obama.

Romney's habit of mentioning his friendship with the ultra-rich owners of teams and organizations while discussing sports hasn't exactly helped to lessen the feeling that he's out of touch with the average voter.

Opponents jumped on Romney's comment about being friends with NASCAR owners.

Plus, we're not so sure mentioning that he's buddies with Stephen Ross will help Romney much in South Florida. Especially if the Dolphins fail to find a decent quarterback this off-season.

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Taxpayers need help
Taxpayers need help

Steve Ross isn't cheap he is sleazy.

We need a politician who fights to protect taxpayers not someone who is in awe.

Steve Ross has the money to improve his own property. Stop stealing from taxpayers.

Crap friend
Crap friend

Romney has some sleazy friends. That creep Steve Ross is another sharpie from New York, like the scammer Jeff Loria, who wants to steal the taxpayers money in So. Florida.

Romney needs to be careful who he brags about.


Obama hung out with a guy who tried to blow up the Pentagon. You hate Ross because he is cheap. Let's compare the two.

That's a friend?
That's a friend?

Steve Ross is the cheapskate low life billionaire, from New York, who wants South Florida taxpayers to pay him $250 MILLION to renovate a property HE OWNS. A property where he keeps ALL the revenues.

Roomney needs better friends.

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