Nikki "Hoopz" Alexander, Shaq's Comically Tiny Girlfriend, to Do Some South Florida Boxing

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EXCLUSIVE! You know Nikki "Hoopz" Alexander, the reality television star who is dating and possibly married (without a prenup! What?!) to Shaquille O'Neal and is always comically kissing him?

Well, she'll be doing some celebrity boxing in South Florida, and Shaq will be the corner man, and, pending negotiations, I might fight in the undercard bout against Ozzie Canseco, former baseball slugger Jose's twin brother!

This is crazy!

At 4:37 Monday afternoon, I received a press release from Damon Feldman, the CEO of Celebrity Boxing, stating that on April 22, Hoopz will travel to South Florida to fight... somebody. It's undecided. Could it be you?

(Probably not, unless you're Tiger Woods's mistress or something.)

Here is an EXCLUSIVE quote from the press release:

Hoopz has signed a contract to do her first Celebrity Boxing match and Celebrity Boxing CEO Damon Feldman says we are very excited to have Nicole on board and this will be great.

Yes, it will! At 11:29 yesterday morning, after I congratulated Damon via email for the "celebrity snag," he wrote back:

thatnx, also how about u do fun match with ozzie canseco? call me

I then called him, but he didn't pick up.

Damon has a long history of putting weird celebrities in the ring together, making full use of Ozzie Canseco, AND almost getting me in the ring to box celebrities.

Damon had Danny Bonaduce fight Jose Canseco. He had Tonya Harding fight a Philly waitress. He had Lindsay Lohan's dad Michael fight Jose Canseco, but it turned out to be Ozzie Canseco. There was a lawsuit and everything.

And he had me fight Michael Lohan, but then it never happened.

Stay tuned for EXCLUSIVE news concerning Hoopz, Ozzie Canseco, and me, and this will be great.

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Sergio Michel
Sergio Michel

My name is Sergio Michel. I was the Celebrity Guest Ring Announcer at the last Celebrity Boxing Match in SOFL starring Michelle 'Bombshell' Mcgee; and am proud to announce that I will also play that role in this event as well. I myself, have heard and read some really ridiculous things about Damon that are just not true. All I've seen of Damon, is a very hard working young man who is doing something fun and different that no one else has the balls to do. I think all these people who bash him are most likely the losers of the under cards in the events or people who are just jealous of Damon. He's a stand up guy and has a lot going on. I can tell you for a FACT that in my time working with him, I can 100% say that NO ONE as far as I know, was in any way cheated by Damon for their pay. I am 100% sure I know who it is behind these rumors and bashing. DO NOT pay attention to this person it's all just sour grapes. Damon's cool, and this event is gonna rock! Everyone should come out and hang with us and our friends on April 22nd for sure.


the person saying the Bad stuff is madonna Julio be very very careful with her Good Luck

Sergio Michel
Sergio Michel

My name is Sergio Michel. I was the Celebrity Guest Ring Announcer at the last Celebrity Boxing Event Damon put on in SOFL starring Michelle 'Bombshell' McGee. I've heard a lot negative things about Damon from some haters, but I don't buy any of it. He's a cool dude and all I've seen from him is a hard working young many doing something crazy no one else has the balls to do. I think most of the trolls that bash on him online, are people who maybe lost in the various under cards here n' there. I for one had the extreme misfortune of meeting such a psycho recently, who tried to slander him to me. LOL. I did'nt buy it. Don't believe the haters, Damon's a cool cat. I'm sure this event will be awesome. I know I'll be there.

The Serge@smichelmusic:disqus


there's a reason why damon didn't pick up when you called gus .... he's a fraud, a scam artist and a thief.  this event will more than likely be canceled like most of his events... damon is notorious for "over promising" and "not delivering" when it comes to celebrity events.  not to mention, his events are horrible and far from entertaining.  also, he refuses to pay people the full amount he quotes them and in some cases, he conveniently forgets to pay them altogether!  which explains why most people "strongly" dislike the man. 


Sergio go back to bed, you are only a fan. stay a fan, anybody really in the boxing or fight community knows no event take place, the celebrities dont show up , why should they if they never get paid.  and there is no ticket sales, all bark and no bite...go back to PA

Damon Feldman
Damon Feldman

Gus if you dont have my number call me, watch my new TV deal in June cant wait!!! but Gus I did leave you message today lets do this!! also whoever dilikes me can confront me face to face love to hear, the media Loves me thanx

Sergio Michel
Sergio Michel

Now THAT is one beyond stupid comment. I guess all those pictures and video we have of Damon, Bombshell McGee, Michael Lohan and myself which will air on NBC on VIP TV soon are all made up (sarcasm) LOL!! Oh yeah, and the press conferences and all the paparazzi's pics, those are made up too? (more seem slow, so I'm explainin' for ya) It's jealous little troll people like you that make people like us look great. Thanks for your support :) Besides, if Celebs cancel, that's not Damon's or CBF's fault. It is what it is. It's a fun show and I encourage everyone to come out and check it out when it's in SOFL. Oh, and by the way, Fight Team USA, I have a nice 8x10 of my ass I'll be glad to sign for you. Please give me your address and I'll hook you up. I just love to make my fans happy! :)

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