No, Facebook Users, MS-13 Gang Members Are Not Using Kids To Lure Miami Rape Victims

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A photo of a flyer is circulating Facebook that has Miami-Dade residents in a tizzy. We were going to ignore it, but it has concerned so many of our Facebook friends that we figured it needed debunking.

The warning from the "Miami-Dade Sheriff's Department" that purports that MS13 gang members are using crying children to lure women to rape locations is quite officially fake. Just to be sure, we talked to a real cop and everything.

First, let's look at some of the telltale signs, in the flyer itself, that it's a fake:



1) There is no such thing as the Miami-Dade Sheriff's Department.

2) Police press releases don't usually refer to women as "ladies", or to people generally as "ladies & guys". They don't say "1" instead of "one", and they don't quote news outlets as having reported on their stories.

3) The memo's letterhead is of a permitting official in the city of Miami Gardens.

This week, the Miami-Dade Police Department took to their own Facebook page to re-post their own debunking of this hoax, which is a variation on a scare tactic that's been going around the internet for years.

But we felt the need to escape this internet wormhole and actually talk to a human. Miami-Dade Police spokesman Det. Javier Baez told us this morning: "That's a hoax. Every once in a while we get something like this. And it's a hoax."

There you have it. No gangmembers using children to lure women to their rape-y doom. One less thing to worry about, for now!

Of course, even people who have seen the Miami-Dade Police debunking are arguing that even if it's fake, it's good information to have. Observe:


Ah, the Internet.

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However, If you do take the child to a police station and fill out a little survey you will receive a BRAND NEW Windows 8 Laptop from Bill Gates' office totally free. You just have to be one of the first 100 people to bring a child to the police station!


MS13 is not a Mexican.gang it originated from El Salvador! This gang is huge it in Mexico Honduras in the.U.S. EVERYWHERE.

chico tip
chico tip

 this actually does happen in mexico and in other states believe or not. in mexico they are using elder people in these type of crimes. the drug war turf in mexico is ms13 and mexico drug lords trying to get control that why there lots of kill. majority of the caritel are trying to get rid of ms13 they dont believe there philosophy of killing kids and ladies.


There is such a thing as the Miami-Dade Sheriff's Department--on the show Dexter.  Many of the "Cubans" on Dexter are Mexican, so it's probably fitting that Miami is portrayed in this memo as being overrun by MS13, a Mexican gang.


You should NOT take a child from where you found them under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. You could be charged by the child's parent for kidnapping. Imagine if the police caught you with the child before you went to the police station. Some parent is frantic, calling the cops, telling them they can't find their kid and they find you with the kid in your car and you're gonna tell them "I was taking him to a police station?"

If you find a lost child, stay where you are, call the police. Chain letters like this bullshit CAN be harmful if spread.


It sucks that public information systems are being used to spread rumors, and chain letters.


 There's been no reported incidents of it. Check Snopes. It goes against the nature of rapists by taking away the opportunity to hunt and overpower their victims.


oh whoops, apparently they're a Salvadoran gang

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