Occupy Miami's Señor Paz Talks About "Peace City," His Overtown Building Turned Protest Camp

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Señor Paz
Jacob Katel
In this week's Miami New Times feature story, Michael Miller explores Occupy Miami's strange journey after getting booted from downtown's Government Center. Displaced protesters moved to a ramshackle apartment complex in Overtown, where the building's owner -- who calls himself "Señor Paz" -- invited them to live for free.

You can read more about Paz (whose real name is Rodrigo Duque and whose father was a prominent Colombian politician) in Miller's feature. But before you make the leap, check out a video of Paz talking about "Peace City," his Overtown building turned protest camp.

Here is Paz hours after the police raid on Occupy Miami's Overtown headquarters March 13. (They were acting on a bogus tip that the protesters were marshaling weapons inside.)

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your an idiot. How many blunts did you smoke before this interview?

Sir Sausage
Sir Sausage

How much money has the Occupy Miami Support Fund (which is headquartered in that building) raised since its inception in November of last year?

Who's the idiot?
Who's the idiot?

I love when someone says "you're an idiot" and misspells it.

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